The Funky Phoenix

Transforming Art, and History…

About the Artisans

Phoenix: (in classic mythology) a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

_a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.


Kristina Cardot (former public school art teacher), and her husband Gary, (a former union carpenter and machinist), have joined creative forces in “re-generating” furniture and vintage items with a fine art twist, to create unique, thought-provoking, utilitarian sculptures with a message…

Several close, personal tragedies, and too many years of trying to raise a family following others’ directives, led Gary and Tina to conceptualize and begin this “family business”. Much like the phoenix of legend, The Funky Phoenix, has risen from ashes… the vitality of spirit from Gary’s late siblings, Stephanie and Christopher Cardot, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Tina’s late mother, Nancy Clemens, were the inspiration and impetus that made this dream a reality.

God has done amazing things in Tina and Gary’s lives since they met in June of 2001, including triplets in 2007! Their journey has brought them back to Pittsfield, Ma, where Tina left over 20 years ago…

Their “working” studio is located in Pittsfield, but they are in the process of getting into consignment/antique shops in Berkshire County. They will also be appearing at the Stormville and Brimfield shows this spring, and are now concentrating on becoming familiar with their creative options in the area, as well as creating their whimsical inventory.

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